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How To Identify the Queen Bee?

When you want to identify a queen bee, you have to know some of her characteristics. For the record, this article is not telling you to scare people off because of the chance of getting stung by the queen bees but just giving a general idea of the most common characteristics that you should look out for in a queen bee. By looking at it in particular, you can easily identify the queen bee.

Body shape


To identify a queen bee, you have to first understand that a queen bee’s body is usually large compared to the other worker bees. If you notice, you will find that they do not have abdomens, but they have very long antennae, and they appear almost bird-like in appearance. Bigger in size compared to the other bees, the queen bees are also larger when they fly.


You might not have noticed it, but the queen bees’ color is almost similar to that of the honeybee. As you look closer, you will find that there are many colors in which the honeybees can be found. They can appear in cream, orange, red, and sometimes even yellow colors.


It will not come as a surprise if you say that the queen bees are located in the hive’s top chamber. This is true. Most often, the queen bees do not stay over at the entrance of the hive. They choose a place on the top where they can be safer from the danger of swarms of other bees. But the reason why they choose this place may not be obvious.

Size of the bee

brown and black bee on brown wooden surface

When it comes to identifying queen bees, you should know that the body of the bee is very plain. Its abdomen is long, oval, and mostly dark-colored. The thorax or the chest part is light-colored. On the other hand, the thorax or the belly part of the bee has long legs similar to that of its partner bee.

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The size of the head is another factor to be considered. Most often, the beekeeper will notice that the queens are bigger than the worker bees. It may be because the worker bees help take care of the colony by serving as the guards and keepers. However, if you find that the queen is bigger than the worker bees, you can conclude that it is a drone bee.


How to make the hive Queen bee-friendly?

It is not uncommon for inexperienced beekeepers to notice that some of the drone frames have been cut off from the hive frame. Usually, this is done to allow the bees to get out of the frame without being caught by the frames that hold the honey. However, if you notice that the drone frames have been detached, you should immediately cut the hive frames to prevent the bees from getting out.

Compare The Colors

There are several distinguishable colors that can be compared to other types of bees. If you are trying to identify the exact queen bee in your hive, you have to look for her distinctive color markings. Queen bees normally have reddish colored bodies and may also have blackheads and abdomens. You may even notice that she has four legs, unlike the other bee species with two.

Dead Queen

It is also possible for you to find dead queens if you can locate the queen’s body. Usually, when a drone has died in the middle of the hive, the other bees will gather around and attempt to recover the body for food. However, if you notice that the queen is already dead in the frame, it is an indication that she is already ovulating.